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Movie theatres can make all the difference when it comes to the movie.ToTheWonderposter

Some people have sadly given up on the actual moviegoing experience and hopped on over to home streaming VOD devices.  It’s a bittersweet feeling realizing that you can’t blame these people for doing so.  Home theatre equipment is much more accessible nowadays; and, plenty of movies are available during – or before – their theatrical release.  At home, you don’t have annoying and immature patrons surrounding you,  there are usually no noisy or bright distractions (i.e. cell phones), and you can pause the film whenever you want to and pick it up when its most convenient for you.  Of course, the first two examples are entirely up to you and your ability to pay attention and ditch the Smartphone for two hours.

Have movie theatres taken on an irrelevant title?  Never.  The VOD experience could become so relaxing and easy to any Jane or Joe who can pick up a remote control, but a trip to the movies cannot be diminished.

The experience and the sincere feeling of sitting with a number of people who may be watching the movie for the first time is absolutely enthralling as you all witness something new.  No matter if the movie turns out to be a memorable winner or a lifeless dud, you end up remembering that communal vibe.

With Terrence Malick’s latest dreamy escapade To The Wonder, that feeling of sitting in a movie theatre and allowing a film to wash over you is especially apparent and wonderfully worthwhile.  The filmmaker takes on a loose, gorgeously captured structure and tells it using plenty of challenges that turns To The Wonder into a modern day silent film.  The results are breathtaking and warm – even when our leads’ mistakes cause her to crumble.

However, when I watched To The Wonder at home, the experience was different.  Not only in the sense that the environment had changed, but because the film had difficulty trying to take hold of me as strongly as it did before.  The film is still very powerful and one I still consider as “one of the best movies of the year”, but the challenges I met during my re-watch were certainly a surprise.

I further discuss my second go at Malick’s opus in the fourth webisode of Does It Float?.

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