Rom Com


That Awkward Moment

By: Addison Wylie If That Awkward Moment wanted to be a standard decently funny rom-com, I wouldn’t have minded.  I would’ve been disappointed and miffed a smidgen because I know the leading talent in front of the camera deserves (and can deliver) better results, but this could’ve been that inching exception.  If typical scary movies can keep horror hounds busy until the January doldrums end, why can’t the romantic comedy genre have its “free pass”…


I Give It A Year

By: Addison Wylie Here’s an interesting proposal.  Take the producers behind romantic hits such as Love Actually and Bridget Jones’ Diary and apply their genre knowledge in a direction that turns romantic comedies on their ear.  Then, bring in Dan Mazer to write and direct the sweet and salty hybrid. Mazer has plenty of experience shocking audiences with filthy jokes.  His résumé consists of behind-the-scenes work on Da Ali G Show as well as lending his penmanship…


Playing For Keeps

By: Addison Wylie Gerard Butler needs that “right” vehicle. He’s shown that he has a striking presence when he’s battling Persians and kicking messengers down wells in 300, but the actor has yet to play a charming post-300 role. The only references I have to cite are the awful comedies The Bounty Hunter and The Ugly Truth. Butler tried way too hard to get laughs while working with scripts that were MIA already and had…