Bella Thorne


Assassination Nation

Reviewing movies can be such a subjective experience.  Sure, I’m writing about my feelings towards the film and how it affected me, but I also have to keep in mind that an audience – completely different to myself – may engage with it more.



Like a near-death experience, I can recall the exact moment when I first watched the trailer for Underdogs.  The shabby preview – exchanging comedic pacing and intelligence for celebrity vocals that didn’t match the animation and a stupid premise – almost eclipsed the train wreck that followed it (Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2).



By: Addison Wylie By playing the role of Bianca ‘The DUFF’ Piper, actress Mae Whitman finds herself in the midst of being typecast.  She plays this precocious misfit so well, that I can already envision casting agents salivating.  The predicament Whitman and those eager agents find themselves in is that The DUFF isn’t a great movie nor particularly memorable.  Its resonating buzz will be made up of satisfactory shoulder shrugs and head bobs from those…