Articles by Addison Wylie



For friends Hakeem and A-Mac, fitting in has been a consistent problem.  The teenagers have been harshly judged by their peers, and their community hasn’t been welcoming either.  However, they find lucrative purpose with a side job – casing expensive vehicles at a local hand car wash they work at.  When Hakeem’s timidness becomes more of a social problem and stress from his mother (Oluniké Adeliyi) becomes more noticeable around the house, the boys decide to take control and attempt…


Before We Vanish

Sometimes, subpar movies can challenge our opinions and still manage to stick out.  Such is the case for Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Before We Vanish, a mid-level sci-fi flick with eccentric comedy, explosive action, and dry drama thrown into the mix.


Poop Talk

Poop Talk is kind of pointless.  It’s not entirely useless, but did we really need a dookie digest starring comedians cracking wise about what they’ve snapped off?  It’s quite literally “shits and giggles”.


Wylie Writes’ Two-On-One with Kevin Sorbo and Sam Sorbo

Let There Be Light, a directorial feature debut from Hercules’ Kevin Sorbo, is the latest entry in the faith-based sub-genre.  This Christian family film has been a passion project of Sorbo’s, with an added bonus of being able to work closely with his wife, Sam (who co-wrote the script with The Hurricane’s Dan Gordon).  While mirroring certain details of God’s Not Dead (another devout drama Kevin Sorbo starred in as a similar atheist), Let There Be Light gives audiences…