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Adult Adoption

By: Trevor Chartrand Quirky and surreal, Adult Adoption is the bizarrely unique directorial feature film debut from Karen Knox (star of Letters to Satan Claus).  The movie explores its characters with a delicate balance of intrusive empathy, and Knox’s filmmaking is executed in such an uncomfortable way that viewers may feel like they’re trespassing on the intimate details of a person’s private life.

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The Best Movies of 2022

The 95th Academy Awards are tonight!  Are any of Wylie Writes’ favourite flicks on the list of nominees?  Have some of these titles have already been praised by the Academy Awards?  Are there any hidden gems that may have not made the cut?  The answers are: yes, yes and absolutely!


Cat Daddies

By: Trevor Chartrand Cat Daddies is a documentary about, you guessed it, men who own cats.  As someone with a career in the pet industry, and as a ‘Cat Daddy’ myself, I could safely assume I’m the target audience for Hye Hoang’s movie.  While I had high hopes for Cat Daddies to spin some riveting “tails” (eh? eh?!), this doc, unfortunately, is barely fur-deep.



By: Trevor Chartrand With the title alone, Firenado makes its intentions (or lack of intentions, perhaps) clear right off the bat: this is not a movie to be taken seriously.  As if a film like this ever could be.  This flaming twister of a motion picture is a zero-effort waste of your time – in the most entertaining ways possible.


Fisherman’s Friends: One and All

By: Trevor Chartrand As far as unnecessary sequels are concerned, Fisherman’s Friends: One and All isn’t the worst thing ever made, but there’s not a whole lot of new material here, either.  Fans will find this second film feels comfortably familiar, but lacking in some of the nuance and charm of its 2020 predecessor.  But despite its shortcomings, this picture does deliver in the music department – with plenty of toe-tapping sea shanties to clap…



By: Trevor Chartrand Marlene dramatizes the notorious true story of the wrongfully-convicted Canadian Steven Truscott, who was sentenced to death for the rape and murder of classmate Lynne Harper in 1959.  Appropriately, the movie pays special attention to his wife, the titular Marlene, who spent years tirelessly researching his case and eventually clearing his name.  The justice system is put under close scrutiny during this understandably melodramatic, romanticized, version of true events and director Wendy…


Learn to Swim

By: Trevor Chartrand In this feature directorial debut of Thyrone Tommy, Learn to Swim focuses on the failing relationship between a stubborn jazz saxophone player Dezi (Thomas Antony Olajide) and an up-and-coming singer, Selma (Emma Ferreira).  The film plays with time and takes place both before and after the relationship has failed.  I hesitate to compare the film to 2009’s 500 Days of Summer, simply because Learn to Swim takes a much more sophisticated, and…



By: Trevor Chartrand Donkeyhead is the first feature film from writer/director Agam Darshi, who has extensive credits both in front of and behind the camera.  Her film focuses on Mona (played by Darshi herself), the least-successful sibling among the four brothers and sisters in her family.  As a failed writer, she is the only one among them who still lives at home, aimless in her pursuits with no job and no prospects.  Instead of pursuing…