Susan Kent


Who’s Yer Father?

By: Trevor Chartrand Who’s Yer Father?, from writer/director Jeremy Larter (Pogey Beach), is a quirky dark comedy with an Eastern Canadian twist.  Funny and fast-paced, this movie has a stylized bluntness to it;  almost as if it’s Prince Edward Island’s own Napoleon Dynamite – but with a much more sinister tone.



One of the best things to happen to 21st century genre cinema is the transgression that comes with newer understandings of social norms.  After about one hundred years of cinema, the tropes of classic Hollywood became less of a necessity and more of a suggestion, allowing filmmakers to tell stories that go against the grain when it comes to the necessities of living.


How to Be Deadly

By: Addison Wylie Newfoundland receives its own Pootie Tang with Nik Sexton’s rowdy road comedy How to Be Deadly.  Hold on though: before you start making snap judgements, that cinematic correlation is a compliment towards how Sexton’s bawdy flick finds a way to fit in. Pootie Tang, Louis C.K.’s infamous cult flick about an incomprehensible crime fighting celebrity, was – ironically – misunderstood.  It was a millennial interpretation of the blaxploitation genre that was unfortunately…