Simon Rex


The Sweet East

The Sweet East is a coming-of-age tale told by unreliable narrators (screenwriter Nick Pinkerton and director Sean Price Williams, making audacious feature debuts), and centred around a conceited anti-hero with a personality disorder. Your feelings towards that concept alone will reflect how you will react to the film itself. You can try giving it the benefit of the doubt if you’re already feeling irritated, but I’m afraid your efforts will all be for naught.


Red Rocket

Filmmaker Sean Baker follows up his American masterpiece The Florida Project, a drama about a helpless community living on the fringe of fantasy, with Red Rocket, another winner that dabbles in the same wheelhouse but broadening its scope to a rural population.  And much like how The Florida Project found humour in innocence, Red Rocket finds humour in ignorance.


Poop Talk

Poop Talk is kind of pointless.  It’s not entirely useless, but did we really need a dookie digest starring comedians cracking wise about what they’ve snapped off?  It’s quite literally “shits and giggles”.