The Broken Circle Breakdown

By: Addison Wylie I get worried when I feel emotionless at the end of a movie like The Broken Circle Breakdown. Felix Van Groeningen’s drama didn’t make me feel depressed to a point of numbness.  In fact, he wants his audience to feel high levels of emotion more than anything.  The film offers a lot to smile and cry about with its themes of love and loss, and a lot to tap your toes to…


Les Misérables

By: Addison Wylie Tom Hooper wowed audiences with The King’s Speech. Well, most audiences – I thought it was inspirational but ordinary, with stylistic cinematography that overshadowed many elements of the story. Nonetheless, his film won multiple Oscars; including Best Picture. He may follow suit with his adaptation of Les Misérables; in both the award garnering sense and the cinematography sense. Hooper has brought his shooting style to his latest feature following Jean Valjean (played…


Pitch Perfect

By: Addison Wylie I have no doubt that many will walk out of Pitch Perfect, the comedy/musical about competitive glee clubs, either singing or humming with a smile on their faces as the credits roll. But when deciding whether or not Pitch Perfect is a good movie itself, one has to decide if they’re rating the movie on the musical elements or the movie as a whole. Pitch Perfect is Jason Moore’s feature film debut….


Rock of Ages

By: Addison Wylie It was inevitable that Rock of Ages, the rollicking hit stage play celebrating hair bands and other 80’s rock-and-roll, would become a movie. But, as someone who has seen the play, I wonder, “would this be possible?” The stage play has a power over people whether it’s a nostalgic force or simple unadulterated joy. Would that energy translate well to a different medium? The cast in the play also refer to the…