Matthew Vaughn


Kingsman: The Secret Service

By: Addison Wylie Some will say I’m stubborn, but I can’t bring myself to watch any Bond movies starring Daniel Craig.  I’m open to change and I like to be pleasantly surprised, but these new Bond movies simply don’t pique my interest.  Craig is a fine actor, and the films bring extraordinary talent behind the camera.  But, to me, Bond films should be flashy and grand.  They should be implausible and crazy.  I appreciate the…


Kick-Ass 2

By: Addison Wylie Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.’s universe they’ve created for their comic book Kick-Ass is severely twisted.  Filmmaker Matthew Vaughn took that warped sense of humour and gritty violence to the big screen in 2010 where it was received with mixed reactions, but has earned cult status. Three years later, another filmmaker has decided to capture Millar and Romita Jr.’s insanity for a balls-to-the-wall sequel.  For writer/director Jeff Wadlow, the hardest part…