Iggy Pop


Song to Song

By: Nick Ferwerda Song to Song is tough to summarize.  Then again, I expect nothing less from Terrence Malick.  The Oscar-nominated filmmaker is known to make, what can be considered, poetic films that consider plot as a secondary function.  Honestly, I’m okay with that.  It’s different and, every now and then, it’s refreshing.


Gimme Danger

Gimme Danger is by no means a groundbreaking documentary.  It’s by-the-book filmmaking, full of talking heads and archival footage, and very much reminiscent of the punk rock films of Don Letts.  The Letts comment, of course, is not a negative at all.  Don Letts is a great person to emulate when searching for cinematic punk rock aesthetics.



By: Addison Wylie In Dead Man, Johnny Depp plays William Blake, an accountant removed from society twice over.  The loss of his parents has his mind aimlessly wandering and a new job in the West has Blake feeling further alienated.  Then again, it would take a lot of adjusting to fit in with Machine’s homely, rugged community. After meeting a local woman and then meeting her beau, Blake is pitted and pinned to a murder…