June 2012



By: Addison Wylie The comedy of Seth MacFarlane is an acquired taste. Some think his writing on the hit series Family Guy is unoriginal and crude while others think MacFarlane is outspoken and is breaking a lot of comedy barriers. You perception of his first live action outing, Ted, will depend on what camp you fall in. Where am I at? Personally, I started off liking him when Family Guy was in its first couple of…


A Thousand Words

By: Addison Wylie A Thousand Words is a film made for no one; especially if you’re a person who talks back to the screen. If you aren’t one of those loud patrons yet, A Thousand Words may very well convert you. It did for me. Eddie Murphy’s latest vehicle has his character Jack McCall having a tight leash on his vocabulary. After a mysterious tree grows in McCall’s backyard, he learns that with each word…



By: Addison Wylie The crew members aboard the spacecraft Prometheus are looking for answers. Seeking explanations is a recurring theme throughout Ridley Scott’s sci-fi thriller. What the film challenges movie goers with is the idea that maybe not everything is meant to be solved. Maybe some quires are better left untouched.It isn’t a full-fledged crowd pleasing message. Movie goers may even be turned off from the film altogether because of its pro-bewilderment attitude. But, those who don’t…


Rock of Ages

By: Addison Wylie It was inevitable that Rock of Ages, the rollicking hit stage play celebrating hair bands and other 80’s rock-and-roll, would become a movie. But, as someone who has seen the play, I wonder, “would this be possible?” The stage play has a power over people whether it’s a nostalgic force or simple unadulterated joy. Would that energy translate well to a different medium? The cast in the play also refer to the…


Piranha 3DD

By: Addison Wylie It’s not as easy to make a movie that’s “so bad, it’s good”. Isn’t that right John Gulager? Gulager is the director of Piranha 3DD, the earth-shattering awful sequel to the peoples’ guilty pleasure Piranha 3D and, boy, does he have a lot to learn. Not only in regards to how to create a film movie goers could laugh at and laugh with but he has to figure out the basic understanding…