Tyler Perry


The Single Moms Club

By: Addison Wylie When people gang up on Tyler Perry, I’m there to usually defend him.  I might not be saying good things about his movies, but I’ve stood up for him from a business perspective.  He knows his audience well, and that knowledge has led him to be one of the most profitable filmmakers of our time.  But this time, I side with the haters.  And, I can’t see his fan base happily accepting…



By: Addison Wylie It’s more than likely Peeples has a script that was generated from ideas thought by a living being and then written with human hands.  But, try convincing yourself of that as you watch Tina Gordon Chism’s comedy.  It’s impossible. The screenplay – written by Chism – is more of a systematic sitcom template structured like an edition of Mad Libs.  Audiences can see each set-up, misunderstanding, and the results the mishaps create…


Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds

By: Addison Wylie Just when I had my mind made up. Just when I had my bags packed. Just as I was about to leave and wish filmmaker Tyler Perry good wishes. Just as I had come to terms with the realization that most of Perry’s recent work has become something that just isn’t for me, his latest film Good Deeds comes along and stops me dead in my tracks. Perry has had a streak…