True Story


Kid Cannabis

By: Addison Wylie Jonathan Daniel Brown hopes to jump forward with his acting career as the drug dealing lead in John Stockwell’s Kid Cannabis.  It’s a big move for the actor who was predominately seen last as the plump sidekick in the repugnant Project X.  As much as I would like to respond to Brown’s flick with utter positivity, Kid Cannabis’ shortcomings have me feeling disappointed. Brown plays Nate Norman, a blameless pothead who was…


Good Vibrations

By: Addison Wylie Across the pond, Good Vibrations has been considered a crowd pleaser.  During its release earlier this year, its swept audiences off their feet with vivacious music and a profound true story about Terri Hooley’s struggle with individuality in 1970’s Belfast and acquiring peace through music. This holiday season, Toronto gets the opportunity to see this highly regarded movie.  Well, call me a Grinch because Good Vibrations didn’t do it for me. I…



By: Addison Wylie Bridegroom is an expansion of a YouTube video titled It Could Happen To You.  The story documented in It Could Happen To You is powerful with how uplifting it is as well as to how unfair it all becomes. Anyone who saw Shane Bitney Crone and Thomas Lee Bridegroom laughing together, holding hands, or embracing each other had proof that true love existed.  It gave people confidence that two levelheaded people could…


Dallas Buyers Club

By: Addison Wylie It’s undoubtable that Matthew McConaughey is going to win acting accolades with his incredible portrayal of Ron Woodroof, a homophobic Texan who tests positive for the HIV virus. It’s a performance that’s unstoppable with McConaughey’s conviction and brute honesty, as well as an unwillingness to show Woodroof as flawless. The man held firm beliefs against those who were different than him and his buddies down at the factory. But, when Woodroof is given…


La Pirogue

By: Addison Wylie The image of the feeble pirogue (the film’s featured boat) floating in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is a perfect metaphor to describe my abandoned interest towards Moussa Touré’s drama La Pirogue. I wanted to like Touré’s film.  A title card leading to the end credits dedicating the film to those who have made the trek – and may have died – from Africa to Europe to seek a better life…