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It’s no secret that women are all too frequently shut out of the film industry, with few of them being able to make a living or having their work seen.  In recent years, there has been a renaissance of genre films made by women, but their work is still a minority in cinemas or at film festivals.

Movie Lists

The Best Movies of 2016

All eyes may be on Damien Chazelle’s La La Land, Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight, Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester by the Sea, or any of the other Oscar darlings, but 2016 offered a lot of other great movies.  Below are Wylie Writes’ top picks;  don’t forget to click the highlighted titles to read each contributor’s review!

Festival Coverage

Toronto After Dark 2016: Shahbaz on Short Films

Shorts After Dark – a program of carefully selected international short films – returned to the Toronto After Dark Film Festival on Saturday, October 15.  In the past, these shorts usually run the gamut of subgenres, as well as the gamut of quality, with the spectrum ranging from brilliance to downright horrendous.  This year’s selection was solid.  Even in comparison to past showcases, this year’s worst short was still better than former duds that have made the cut.


The Animation Show of Shows

Toronto audiences will be able to catch the “cream of the short film crop” at Carlton Cinema with this year’s Animation Show of Shows courtesy of the program’s curator/producer Ron Diamond.  As much as movie goers should always show support for short films, this year’s showcase (consisting of eleven international films) ranges from ingenious to pointless.