Song to Song

By: Nick Ferwerda Song to Song is tough to summarize.  Then again, I expect nothing less from Terrence Malick.  The Oscar-nominated filmmaker is known to make, what can be considered, poetic films that consider plot as a secondary function.  Honestly, I’m okay with that.  It’s different and, every now and then, it’s refreshing.



Often, you’ll hear a film criticized for having a premise that’s more suited for a short film rather than a feature-length movie.  Filmmaker Saul Pincus, who has a background in making shorts, has surely caught wind of this comment because you can see the mechanics in his latest breakout indie Nocturne try to dodge this nitpick.



I appreciate movies like Sean Mewshaw’s Tumbledown.  As someone who is asked on a daily basis for movie recommendations, Tumbledown provides me with a safe, warm suggestion for easygoing audiences.


Better Off Single

After a string of disheartening rom-coms, I really thought Better Off Single was going to cheer me up.  It had a few good laughs out of the gate, and it was neat to see what Aaron Tveit could do with a sadsack role after wowing audiences in FOX’s Grease LIVE! as T-Bird Danny Zuko.  Unfortunately, writer/director Benjamin Cox provides an excitable energy that becomes the film’s worst enemy.


Two Lovers and a Bear

Though magic realism isn’t anything new in cinema, there are few original scripts that get the genre right as deftly as Two Lovers and a Bear, the indie romance/drama that premiered earlier this year at the Toronto International Film Festival.