Creation Stories

Not very often do audiences receive a biopic as pointless and embarrassing as Creation Stories.  Then again, the filmmaker  could still benefit from a turkey like this.  If they believe their biopic holds valuable nostalgia or fan service, ham-fisted qualities can be forgiven by movie goers, allowing the movie to even win Oscars.  It worked for Bohemian Rhapsody.


Uncle Peckerhead

The first hurdle of any music-centric film is often the most difficult to clear: the music itself.  It’s difficult to get the audience to root for the heroes if their band’s sound is cringe-inducing.  Or, even worse, if it’s just plain boring.


We Are The Best!

By: Addison Wylie My affection for We Are The Best! could be compared to the happiness some found in last year’s sleeper hit Good Vibrations.  Both films share the same type of optimism towards punk rock music, as well as curious characters figuring out life through the off-beat genre. Good Vibrations won many audiences over with its sentimentality.  Though the whole thing was too precious for me, I’m happy for those who found pleasing values…


Good Vibrations

By: Addison Wylie Across the pond, Good Vibrations has been considered a crowd pleaser.  During its release earlier this year, its swept audiences off their feet with vivacious music and a profound true story about Terri Hooley’s struggle with individuality in 1970’s Belfast and acquiring peace through music. This holiday season, Toronto gets the opportunity to see this highly regarded movie.  Well, call me a Grinch because Good Vibrations didn’t do it for me. I…