Enter the Drag Dragon

It’s been over a decade since being first exposed to Canadian cult hit Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter and Lee Demarbre’s wholesome filmmaking for mature audiences.  Underneath its goofy and ambitious premise about our lord and saviour socking it to some blood-suckers was an infectious love for filmmaking and community.  It’s main concern other than entertaining audiences was having fun with friends behind-the-scenes.  And while that rallying doesn’t always work for all indies, it benefited Demarbre’s…


Blue’s Big City Adventure

Blue’s Big City Adventure, the first feature-length outing for the problem-solving pooch, is a comfortable ride for fans of Nickelodeon’s long-running interactive franchise Blue’s Clues.  The movie fits the traditional narrative flow of the program while also exploring a personal scope without calling attention to its own cleverness.


The Swearing Jar

By: Liam Parker Reminiscent of Jason Robert Brown’s hit musical The Last Five Years, The Swearing Jar takes the traditional tropes of a rocky relationship and turns them completely on its head.  The Swearing Jar is a masterclass in storytelling.  What begins as a beautifully sombre tale of love and heartache accented by musical interludes of haunting beauty, descends into a striking and refreshingly human tale of sorrow, loss, and grief.


Dear Evan Hansen

The film adaptation of Dear Evan Hansen is a solid gateway towards introducing movie goers, like me, to the award-winning stage production its adapted from.  The movie creates curiosity and builds interest for those who have been wanting to see it and missed out on the opportunity to do so.


The Prom

The Prom is a musical about a group of famous performers who use their clout and flashy personalities to make a stand against the discrimination of the LGBT community.  However, despite how inspiring this story is supposed to be, the movie is also supposed to be satirizing celebrities who are more concerned about their image than the cause they’re fighting for.  It’s a piece of irony that’s lost on The Prom, a film that wants…