Michael Ironside



Hellmington centres on Detective Samantha Woodhouse, distressed over the recent death of her father and tormented by a forgotten yet mysterious case of the disappearance of a former high school classmate.  In order to piece together the puzzle of the latter, Samantha reconnects with her past while she’s in town for the funeral;  including meeting old acquaintances and people who were close to her late dad.


The Harrowing

By: Trevor Chartrand Written and directed by Jon Keeyes, The Harrowing is a supernatural thriller that lacks nail-biting tension and edge that would keep viewers hanging on every word.  Despite some decent visual effects and cinematography, the film fails to truly inspire fear from its audience.


Stegman Is Dead

Stegman Is Dead is the latest addition to the string of Quentin Tarantno copycats.  Smooth anti-heroes and bumbling crooks come together in a quirky crime story played for laughs and gags.  However, this debut feature film from TV director David Hyde edges out its sub-genre competition;  mostly due to the chemistry of the film’s ensemble.


Turbo Kid

By: Mark Barber The post-apocalyptic Canadian film Turbo Kid has only one audience in mind: kids who grew up on Power Rangers.  Yet the film is too gruesome and violent for kids, and too vacuous for anyone else. Set in a desolate post-apocalyptic world, an unnamed kid (Degrassi’s Munro Chambers; character simply billed as “The Kid”) finds a suit that formerly belonged to the comic book/real life superhero character Turbo Man (unrelated to a similar character…