Strange Magic

By: Addison Wylie Strange is right. Magic? Not so much. Oscar winner Gary Rydstrom takes a stab at feature length directing and writing with animated musical-fantasy Strange Magic, a movie that shouldn’t be anyone’s “first” for anything.  It begins as a novelty act with some redeeming moments of punchy animation and terrific duets, and then pushes its luck too far. The story (conceived by Star Wars’  George Lucas) gives audiences two opposing territories.  There’s a…


Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D

By: Addison Wylie  At first, it’s puzzling as to why filmmaker George Lucas feels the need to keep milking the intergalactic cash cow that is Star Wars. Billions of dollars have been made off of the success of the saga that follows the rise and fall of Darth Vader and his prospering son. One would say that George Lucas has been beating a dead horse for ages; reinventing the same films. However, after watching all…