Luc Besson


Brick Mansions

By: Addison Wylie Recently, I reviewed the humdrum action flick In The Blood.  It was escapist entertainment that didn’t work because the filmmaker in charge couldn’t wrangle an action film.  He understood the music, but didn’t necessarily know how to play the song. After having watched Brick Mansions, I feel the need to follow-up with my analogy.  Brick Mansions is that musician who knows the music, can perform the song, but has no desire to…


3 Days to Kill

By: Addison Wylie 3 Days to Kill pairs action veteran Luc Besson with the imperious directing efforts of McG.  The two filmmakers have unmistaken love/hate relationships with movie goers, but it’s clear that these men have strengths in specific areas.  Besson has shown audiences how action can be exciting with jaw-dropping stunts, and McG knows how to capture an explosion.  The latter may sound underwhelming compared to Besson’s clout, but “flash” is McG’s forte. Their…



By: Addison Wylie “Excuse me. I just….I know I’m in the way. I know, I know, I know, I just need to do one……….thing. I know I’m in your way. I just need to do….this. Do you mind? If you mind, I can move. But, I’ll be quick. There! Did it. Sorry to be such an inconvenience.” Inconvenience is right. If Lockout was a living person, it’d be “that guy”. The guy who knows what…