Jessica Biel


Shock and Awe

Woody Harrelson, James Marsden, Jessica Biel, Milla Jovovich, Rob Reiner, and Tommy Lee Jones.  These actors all play key parts in Shock and Awe, a political drama Reiner directs.  Unfortunately, they’re all overqualified for this generic vehicle.


Crazy About Tiffany’s

Audiences who caught Dior and I – Frédéric Tcheng’s doc highlighting Christian Dior’s Haute Couture collection – were left feeling good even though the doc had a standard structure.  Matthew Miele’s Crazy About Tiffany’s  – a documentary that captures Tiffany & Co. – will give those movie goers that extra boost they were looking for.


Accidental Love

By: Addison Wylie David O. Russell hit the nail on the head by distancing himself from the farcical fumble Accidental Love. To say the film has had a tumultuous past would be putting it lightly – just as saying the movie is merely bad would be doing it a favour.  Production on the film (formally named Nailed) began in 2008, and suffered from financial woes and reshoots.  James Caan reportedly walked off the set over…