Jason Bateman


Office Christmas Party

It’s business as usual for Office Christmas Party, the latest exercise in R-rated edginess being applied to an otherwise toothless situation.  Audiences may have been given a dose of this same seasonal comedy in Bad Santa 2, but a more relevant comparison is between Office Christmas Party and 2011’s A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.


The Gift

By: Trevor Jeffery The Gift isn’t an exception to the notion that suspense-thrillers lose substantial value on subsequent viewings, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be one hell of a ride the first time through. Simon (Jason Bateman) and Robyn (Rebecca Hall) seek a fresh start in California, not far from where Simon grew up.  An old high school acquaintance, Gordon (still going by his high school nickname, Gordo) (Joel Edgerton) approaches Simon and Robin…



By: Addison Wylie Actor Jason Bateman narrates Pump as if he’s providing a voiceover for a car commercial.  This is fitting since a large chunk of the documentary feels like one extra-long commercial for alternative fuels and electric vehicles.  However, Joshua and Rebecca Harrell Tickell have conceived a lively, well intended film that I ended up being quite fond for. Many documentaries chronicling selfish behaviour behind big business (or, in this case, Big Oil) have…


Bad Words

By: Addison Wylie At first, it’s a riddle to figure out what actor Jason Bateman would gain from directing a dark comedy and playing the film’s anti-hero.  After watching Bad Words, it’s clear to me why the film would be an enticing challenge. It’s a chance to go against the grain of Bateman’s nice guy image to whom he’s been typecast for multiple times.  Not to mention a chance for the actor to not conform…


Identity Thief

By: Addison Wylie I’m sure anything can be made funny in some way. But, I have a hard time fathoming someone making a “howling comedy” about the hilarities of identity theft. Especially, when the film’s featured crook (played gratingly by Melissa McCarthy) is introduced to us as a loud, obnoxious, compulsive liar who is often either drunk or randy. And, she’s our comedy relief, folks. In the hands of a cunning and careful dark comedic…