Though Netflix’s latest female-led action flick was released on International Women’s Day, Damsel makes an unconvincing case to empower anybody.  Especially when the film stops in its tracks to have its heroine Elodie (Stranger Things’  Millie Bobby Brown) denounce the story’s deliberate discriminatory attitude towards young women.  However, if viewers are looking for a fun romp where that same heroine is in a cavernous cat-and-mouse chase from a fire-breathing, angry dragon, Damsel is just the…



The swashbuckling comedic action-adventure sub-genre featuring a macho man saving a high-profile damsel in distress seems like a dated idea.  It’s possible for filmmakers and storytellers to modernize this premise (The Lost City as a recent example), but to leave this two-dimensional dynamic at its infant stages for most of the movie feels like a no-win risk.  If this is generally agreed upon, then pardon me for the switcheroo: I had a lot of fun with…


Spy Kids: Armageddon

The once reliable Spy Kids franchise finds itself, somewhat, back on track with the Netflix feature Spy Kids: Armageddon.  It isn’t a flawless endeavour, but the movie offers enough reassurance from filmmaker Robert Rodriguez that audiences will believe that the series may actually have potential to be rebooted properly in the future.


R.L. Stine’s Zombie Town

Let’s compare R.L. Stine’s Zombie Town to past adapted media based on the work of the titular author: if Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy was for adults, and the 90s era Goosebumps television show was for teenagers, and the recent Goosebumps films (featuring Jack Black) are for kids, then Zombie Town is for really young children.  I’m wondering what the next level down would be – short stories for fetuses about expectant mothers who eat too…


Jurassic World Dominion

By: Jeffrey Ching Jurassic World Dominion really had the potential to be something special.  As some people have pointed out, Jurassic World actually is a fitting title, since the series builds up to the eventual plot of humans being unable to contain dinosaurs and, therefore, humanity is forced to co-exist with dinosaurs.  Jurassic World then becomes a literal title as opposed to just the name of the theme park.