May 2011


The Hangover: Part 2

Sequels are very tricky to form; especially if the filmmakers have pleased many with their first outing. The Hangover was a sleeper hit that connected with audiences all over the world. The film had “legs” when it was in theatres due to very positive word-of-mouth which also may have helped the film become incredibly successful on DVD/Blu-Ray. It doesn’t take much knowledge to figure out that people have high expectations regarding The Hangover: Part 2…



By: Addison Wylie There seems to be this overwhelming popularity with wedding comedies. With the success of The Hangover and other R-rated outings like Wedding Crashers, weddings and the events that revolve around them seem to be winners in the genre. As I write this review on Monday, May 16 and if we count Bridesmaids, there are currently three films playing in theatres that involve weddings (the aforementioned Bridesmaids, Something Borrowed, and Jumping the Broom)….