October 2010


Paranormal Activity 2

By: Addison Wylie Paranormal Activity, directed by first time filmmaker Oren Peli, virally spread like wildfire across internet boards as well as word of mouth to a point where the film started climbing up the box office charts eventually becoming the #1 movie in America around Halloween; knocking the latest SAW film, at that time, for a loop. Paranormal Activity also helped the growth of Twitter. By having eager movie goers demand the film to…


Jackass 3D

By: Addison Wylie How exactly do you start off a review for Jackass 3D? Do you talk about the controversial history the show had before its leap to the big screen? Upset parents from all over the world feared this show. Even though there were disclaimers in front of the show stating that Johnny Knoxville and his band of merry morons were professionals, kids were still macing themselves and kicking their friends in the crotch….



By: Addison Wylie In this day and age, technology plays a key part in our lives. If we want something, there will most likely be a website that carries an infinite inventory and ships immediately. If we need to find out directions, we can find the quickest route in a matter of minutes. If we need a friend, there’s sure to be another hopeful soul searching through a forum for potential pals. Catfish captures these…


Best Worst Movie

By: Addison Wylie Troll 2, a horror film released in 1989, has been named by people all over the world as “the worst movie ever made”. Its earned its title by possessing shoddy technical qualities, campy acting, and direction that is bad, to say the least. What movie goers tend to overlook is the life behind the movie; the cast and crew that took part in the filmmaking experience and how its affected them. Best…



By: Addison Wylie There are some people who express their feelings openly without thinking before speaking. Often, if something bothers that particular person, they’ll think about what they want to say and think about how they feel, run their inner monologue through a filter and express politely why a particular element or situation bothers them. Others though will hold emotions in; letting this pent up rage build over a period of time. It’s suggested that…