Vampire Academy

By: Addison Wylie Movie goers will always remember the big boom of modern vampires and their iffy lore.  Some appreciated what Twilight executed with their movement, while others wished the movement had been executed altogether. That said, I believe we can all agree that fantasies about brooding creatures of the night have had their time in the spotlight and are now starting to peter away slowly.  It was like witnessing an out-of-control party scamper off…


The Host

By: Addison Wylie Hollywood has been trying to fill a void with a young adult audience that the Twilight films left when it wrapped up its saga last year. A number of releases this year will attempt to carry the baton including Andrew Niccol’s The Host, a sci-fi endeavour based on a novel written by Twilight’s Stephenie Meyer. Most outspoken moviegoers were glad to see Twilight pack up their sparkles and leave. These patrons dismissed…