Tianna Nori



A possessed pair of jeans wrecks havoc on retail workers in Slaxx, a Canadian horror-comedy from the producers of Turbo Kid that isn’t nearly as funny as that pitch but wins the audience over with outrageous and relentless kills.

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Blood in the Snow 2016: ‘The Sublet’

Update (11/27/16): Addison Wylie’s original review of The Sublet was posted on 12/09/15 for the film’s SuperChannel premiere. However, due to the film’s Toronto premiere at this year’s Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival, the screening information located at the bottom of this article has been updated. John Ainslie’s The Sublet is pretty creepy, but it’s also a testament to how gifted of an actress Tianna Nori really is.

Festival Coverage

Blood in the Snow 2015: ‘Save Yourself’

By: Addison Wylie Fed-up filmmaker Crystal, her procedural producer Dawn, and her colourful actresses travel to different theatres to screen their new film in Ryan M. Andrews’ Save Yourself.  Any festival goer will familiarize with the film’s first act taking place in a packed theatre as drama unfolds behind-the-scenes.  Those same patrons will also start eagerly guessing where Save Yourself is headed once the characters hit the road.


Fantasia Fest 2015: ‘The Demolisher’

By: Addison Wylie Director Gabriel Carrer’s screenplay of The Demolisher is practically speechless until 18-minutes into the film.  However, the audience is so acquainted with the heart-aching leads by then, that Carrer’s film could’ve gotten away with completely being a silent film. If film critic-turned-filmmaker Chris Alexander is carrying out a similar yet more minimalist approach with the horror genre, Carrer could’ve done the same with this crime thriller.  Nonetheless, The Demolisher is really good.  And…