The Overnighters

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Wylie Writes’ Ten Best Movies of 2014

2014 was a mediocre moviegoing year, but it wasn’t without some fantastic flicks. Documentaries particularly rose to the occasion. Select filmmakers started out with a simple subject, but then were forced to change their perspective every time a new layer was stripped away. Because of that, Being Ginger and Kung Fu Elliot were really special docs considering how personal they became. Movie goers also received an eclectic palette of comedies. It was a year where studios were…


The Overnighters

By: Addison Wylie 2014 has released plenty of exceptional documentaries, but Jesse Moss’ The Overnighters is unlike any of them. The Overnighters is a remarkable film about the human spirit and the struggle to maintain compassion and beliefs within a critical community.  Exercising good faith isn’t always a walk in the park when the odds are intimidatingly stacked and judgement is looming. North Dakota’s economy is booming, which has brought plenty of pros and cons…