The Horror Collective



A possessed pair of jeans wrecks havoc on retail workers in Slaxx, a Canadian horror-comedy from the producers of Turbo Kid that isn’t nearly as funny as that pitch but wins the audience over with outrageous and relentless kills.


Mass Hysteria

Don’t count out Mass Hysteria as just another holiday comedy.  What appears to be a silly, seasonal National Lampoon-copycat at first turns out to be a pretty funny and original horror-comedy worthy of an annual watch around Halloween.


Two Heads Creek

Jesse O’Brien’s horror/comedy Two Heads Creek aims to tackle the swelling issue of racism and nationalism in Australia and the United Kingdom through the most unusual of means: cannibalism.  Though it’s hard not to appreciate the attempt, Two Heads Creek’s absurd premise often overtakes the seriousness of the threat posed by racism and nationalism.