Festival Coverage

Toronto After Dark 2015: ‘TAG’

By: Mark Barber Those unfamiliar with the intensity and insanity of Sion Sono’s films might be understandably overwhelmed by the excessively violent Tag, one of six films that the Japanese filmmaker has made this year (Love & Peace is also playing at Toronto After Dark, and his fantastic and unconventional sci-fi drama The Whispering Star played at TIFF last month). Others, however, will find Tag to be yet another exhilarating action-packed outing from Sono. Narrative-wise,…


Why Don’t You Play in Hell?

By: Addison Wylie Why Don’t You Play in Hell? features characters who are crazy about filmmaking.  And, with cruel irony, Why Don’t You Play in Hell? made me want to abandon movies. Have you ever been around a group of people who like something?  I mean, REALLY like something.  The wave of high-pitched enthusiasm is enough to make you suffocate.  This unwatchable film takes that glee and warps it into a form of aggressive, painful…