Simon Barrett


The Guest

By: Addison Wylie Director Adam Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett are two filmmakers who love the horror genre.  Furthermore, they’re filmmakers who understand the genre.  They deserve a ton of success and praise.  I hope The Guest finally gets them there. You might say, “Addison!  What’re you talking about?  These two have made a name for themselves already!”  Sure, they have; I agree that the duo have established themselves in moviemaking, but Wingard and Barrett…



By: Addison Wylie I see V/H/S/2 as a sign that these bruised and battered anthology pieces could become something very exciting. The series started on a raw note with V/H/S.  An extremely raw note.  The set-up that a group of ruff-and-tuff thugs start dying from watching mysterious found footage located in a skeezy house was a bit too vague to go off on.  It didn’t help that the acting by those random criminals all felt forced….


You’re Next

By: Addison Wylie You’re Next presents a fairly standard murder mystery.  An estranged, slightly disgruntled family meets at a lovely house to celebrate a wedding anniversary and before they know it, the first guest is assassinated during dinner. What starts as a film that seems to be wanting to follow similar horror footsteps, stops winking towards the camera once the kills commence.  It plays each trope with a straight face and sticks to a formula,…