Screen Media Films


The Good Neighbour

The Good Neighbour reminds viewers that just because a movie is a guilty pleasure, that doesn’t always indicate that it’s a bad movie.  Stephan Rick’s thriller is far from great but, as far as meeting expectations, I had a lot of fun with his movie.


Family Squares

Conceived and recorded primarily through a video chat platform, Stephanie Laing’s Family Squares attempts to connect with movie goers who have lost loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic and have been restricted from a personal goodbye.


A Week in Paradise

A Week in Paradise is not so much a movie as it is a template.  This is a paint-by-numbers rom-com, but nobody has bothered to colour anything in.  I would say the film relies on clichés, but that would suggest director Philippe Martinez (co-producer of My Dad’s Christmas Date) made an effort to find existing tropes to lift.  I have a hard enough time believing Martinez was even on set.