Sao Paulo


The Violin Teacher

The Violin Teacher is a conflicting feature.  The music is beautiful and the message is inspiring, but the story’s pace constantly swings back and forth from tight captivation to a sluggish crawl.  Sérgio Machado’s film is both the most uplifting film I’ve seen lately, and the most boring.

Festival Coverage

TIFF 2015: ‘Invention’

By: Addison Wylie It takes patience to mull thorough Mark Lewis’ Invention.  However, even the calmest movie goers may find themselves jiggling their leg and looking at their watch. Invention features visual artist Lewis and a wandering, hovering camera (driven by cinematographers Bobby Shore and Martin Testar) visiting Toronto, Paris, and Sao Paulo.  His feature film debut asks audiences to find fascination in minor details.  The camera floats, locks in on open, negative space and waits for…