Rob Comeau

Festival Coverage

Scholarly Shorts @ Toronto Short Film Festival ’15

By: Addison Wylie I tend to think I cover a lot of film festivals; especially those who screen short films.  However, the Toronto Short Film Festival (March 16 – March 20 at Toronto’s Carlton Cinema) is new to me. By grazing over TSFF’s mission statement, the festival blends into the collection of similar screenings in the GTA.  That said, I investigated more and was corrected.  The Toronto Short Film Festival has a wide roster of…


CrowdFUNding: ‘Deep Shock’ and ‘The Date’

By: Addison Wylie Back when I was writing for Film Army, I would occasionally get requests from filmmakers to review their short films.  Davide Melini and Rob Comeau were two of those people, and CrowdFUNding has reunited me with them. Melini – an Italian filmmaker with a fascination for  faith – and Comeau – a Canadian moviemaker with an eye for style – strike different chords with their work.  It’s awesome to see these two haven’t…