A Quiet Passion

A Quiet Passion is a stage play that has wandered into movie theatres.  There’s nothing necessarily wrong with individual physical elements in this Emily Dickinson biopic, but writer/director Terence Davies (Sunset Song) doesn’t connect with his audience through the medium he’s presenting on.


Al Purdy Was Here

Al Purdy Was Here has a lot of strengths going for it including its peaceful camerawork with editing to match, and an enigmatic subject filled with so much knowledge and pathos.  But, to me, the most inspiring elements of Brian D. Johnson’s documentary is how illustrative it is with influence.


The Kindergarten Teacher

By: Shannon Page Despite the understated aesthetic appeal of a few scenes, Israeli writer and director Nadav Lapid’s drama about a kindergarten teacher (Sarit Larry) who discovers a prodigal talent for poetry in one of her young students is remarkably dry of feeling. As the plot moves through an earnest attempt to explore the necessity for preserving art and beauty in a world that is increasingly hostile and dismissive of poetry, the characters motivations and…