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TIFF 2022: ‘I Like Movies’

Set in the early-2000s, I Like Movies alternates between the double life of 17-year-old Burlington native Lawrence Kweller (Isiah Lehtinen) as an outspoken high school senior and an obsessive film buff at his local video store, Sequels Video.  Lawrence is an opinionated know-it-all under both roofs, but he feels more in his element at Sequels and is elated when they finally hire him on as an employee.


Our House

Our House graduates from the “Paranormal Activity Institute of Small and Effectual Scares”.  Actually, if we’re rating this supernatural horror against the Paranormal Activity series, it’s on par with the first two films, and ranks higher than the franchise’s final two chapters.  For what it’s worth, that’s a decent sweet spot for Anthony Scott Burns and his feature-length debut.


Cast No Shadow

By: Addison Wylie Fresh off its stardom at the Canadian Screen Awards after earning nominations for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Original Score, the general moviegoing public gets to see if Cast No Shadow lives up to the hype. I congratulate director Christian Sparkes and his team on the nominations, but Cast No Shadow didn’t work for me.  Slivers of ideas are buried under the uneven tone of the film. If you disregard…