Olivia Cooke


Sound of Metal

Screenwriter Darius Marder teams up yet again with filmmaker Derek Cianfrance.  Only this time, the roles are reversed with executive producer Cianfrance taking a story credit and Marder (still penning the screenplay) stepping into the director’s chair.  The finished film, Sound of Metal, is as much of a masterpiece as their last collaboration, The Place Beyond the Pines.


Life Itself

Not to be confused with 2014’s brilliant ode to Roger Ebert, 2018’s Life Itself is a time-spanning family drama from Hollywood screenwriter and This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman.  Fogelman has taken the clout he’s earned from his award-winning hit television show and he’s made a movie only an ambitious storyteller could make with a team of producers who trust his reputation.


The Limehouse Golem

The tagline for The Limehouse Golem boasts that its fictional Victorian London serial killer precedes the infamous Jack the Ripper.  We have yet to see a compelling cinematic take on the Ripper murders (including the Hughes Brothers’ tragically underwhelming Johnny Depp vehicle From Hell).  Though it merely draws inspiration from the Ripper, The Limehouse Golem suggests that we may have to wait a bit longer.