The Nudels of Nudeland

Despite The Nudels of Nudeland being one of the strangest movies I’ve ever seen, it did expose me (pun intended) to naturist filmmaking.  That’s right, naturist filmmaking.  That translates to a movie performed by actors who are entirely in the buff, embracing nudism and using it to tell a story as well as to enlighten viewers on this chosen lifestyle.  Distracting?  Sure.  A bit awkward?  You betcha.  Heavy-handed in its persuasion that it teeters on…

Festival Coverage

ReFrame 2016: ‘OutSideIn’

The ReFrame Film Festival couldn’t wait to begin.  On Thursday, January 28, the festival held an exclusive sold-out Ontario premiere of Anne Troake’s OutSideIn, an experimental 3D film that featured choreography in its rawest form from two partially nude performers (Carol Prieur and Bill Coleman).


Bettie Page Reveals All

By: Addison Wylie I appreciate Academy Award nominee Mark Mori wanting to “reveal all” about pinup model Bettie Page with his new doc literally titled Bettie Page Reveals All, but I feel as if he may have gone too far right out of the gate. The documentary gives viewers a confidential look into Page’s life whilst using vintage privy interview answers from the model herself to string along narration. The documentary’s structure could – and…