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Immediate Family

Denny Tedesco’s Immediate Family is the ideal spiritual sequel to his doc debut The Wrecking Crew, and a great example of a comfort film.  I’ve seen this documentary twice now: once to review it, the second just to revisit the groovy atmosphere.


Blue Jean

The growing tension in Blue Jean is unmatched;  clouding the titular character’s life until they feel they have no choice but to act rashly to protect themselves, and underestimating the fallout.


I Love My Dad

At the root of a dark comedy is sadness.  Some examples may take more effort to trace back to that forlorn emotion, but the premise usually begins with an unfortunate circumstance and then carried beyond the point of comfort or absurdism;  ideally to create humour.  It’s all about finding amusing, and sometimes inappropriate, ways of interpreting that sadness.  And, I Love My Dad is successful most of the time.


The Brink

The Brink should be a more controversial movie than it is.  For a little over 90 minutes, audiences closely observe Steve Bannon, former chairman of right-wing news outlet Breitbart News and former chief strategist for President Donald Trump.  Isn’t it insane for Bannon, a highly criticized public figure, to volunteer himself to be the subject of a documentary?