Kevin James



You have two choices: focus on what’s insufficient in Becky or praise what the production miraculously pulls off.  I would rather lean more towards the latter than the former.  Sure, there are details in Becky that I wish had more time to breathe.  On the other hand, the film is very entertaining, and it’s a career high for one of its actors.


Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

By: Addison Wylie Within the first five minutes of Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, Paul’s mother gets hit by a truck and dies.  She had it easy – she didn’t have to watch the movie. In 2009, I remember Paul Blart as an innocently amusing klutz.  Kevin James played a clumsy stereotype, but threw himself in the role of someone who hadn’t experienced the world outside his beloved shopping centre.  When his territory was threatened,…


Grown Ups 2

By: Addison Wylie Adam Sandler’s ego has become so large, it is now starting to swallow film. Case in point: Grown Ups 2, an unnecessary and excruciatingly unfunny experience where everyone bows to the shrine of Sandler with director Dennis Dugan barely steering the mayhem…again. I suppose the beginning is the best place to start.  It’ll at least ease my way back into the headache I was feeling by the end of this ordeal. Adam…