John Hennigan


Strange Nature

Some will compare Strange Nature to Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever based on a glance at the film’s premise about a deadly outbreak.  Others, including myself, will find the flick to be a fitting throwback to a brand of vintage cinema that gave audiences thrills and chills yet remained ambiguous about its genre.  Is it a horror?  A thriller?  And, does the plot act as a parable for a real-life disaster?  In the same way Godzilla…


Dave Made a Maze

Bill Watterson’s Dave Made a Maze will receive comparisons to Dan Harmon’s TV show Community.  Their quirky in similar ways, the characters are alike, and there’s an uncanny connection to pop culture in both.  Most importantly, just like in Harmon’s cult hit, Dave Made a Maze is a story of misfits trying to define their self-worth while “adulting” by way of their own arrested development.