Jemaine Clement


Don Verdean

Director Jared Hess and his co-writer wife Jerusha Hess debuted in the spotlight with Napoleon Dynamite, and made audiences chuckle with their lower rung follow-up Nacho Libre.  I speak as someone who missed their critically maimed third endeavour Gentlemen Broncos, but I really enjoy watching whatever these two make.


What We Do in the Shadows

By: Addison Wylie Vampires and the mockumentary genre have both been exhausted thanks to current fads, and spoofing these horrific bloodsuckers has also been done before. Yet, What We Do in the Shadow is one of the funniest films of the year. How so? Filmmaker Taika Waititi and comedic actor Jemaine Clement use inventive intelligence to ingeniously breathe life into these seemingly overplayed areas. There are various forms of comedy, but it’s always helpful when…


Going In and Coming Out: What We Do in the Shadows

By: Anthony King GOING IN: In this day in age, does the idea of more Vampires excite you?  Or, has their rise to immense popularity and over saturation begun to turn you away? Personally I love vampires.  I’ve read half an Anne Rice novel back in high school, so you can say I’m a pretty big fan of the subject.  Just because there’s one series of films that are laughably bad and cheesy doesn’t mean…