Ramen Heads

A documentary about ramen sounds a little thin (and, believe me, the movie is), but the interviewees in Ramen Heads pull their weight and offer audiences interesting tidbits about the art, history, and “slurpibility” of the delicacy.


Miss Hokusai

The animation featured in Keiichi Hara’s anime Miss Hokusai is terrific.  A single cell has the ability to represent the humility and emotion of its characters, along with the imagination the film can achieve.  What’s peculiar and disappointing is how these images don’t make a cohesive film when edited together.


The People Garden

If The People Garden inspired me in any way, it reminded me that I really should mail filmmakers Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas a thank-you letter for 2013’s The Oxbow Cure.  I’m not comparing both Canadian dramas (which also, coincidentally, take place in the woods), but if a filmmaker creates a minimalist movie, they ought to have a resonating voice.


Why Don’t You Play in Hell?

By: Addison Wylie Why Don’t You Play in Hell? features characters who are crazy about filmmaking.  And, with cruel irony, Why Don’t You Play in Hell? made me want to abandon movies. Have you ever been around a group of people who like something?  I mean, REALLY like something.  The wave of high-pitched enthusiasm is enough to make you suffocate.  This unwatchable film takes that glee and warps it into a form of aggressive, painful…