I Give It A Year

By: Addison Wylie Here’s an interesting proposal.  Take the producers behind romantic hits such as Love Actually and Bridget Jones’ Diary and apply their genre knowledge in a direction that turns romantic comedies on their ear.  Then, bring in Dan Mazer to write and direct the sweet and salty hybrid. Mazer has plenty of experience shocking audiences with filthy jokes.  His résumé consists of behind-the-scenes work on Da Ali G Show as well as lending his penmanship…


MSC: The Movie

MSC: The Movie is the fabric of a parent’s nightmare. After countless bleeding hearts complaining about imitations inspired by shows like Jackass and underground guilty pleasures like Bumfights, Peter Guzda and his knucklehead cronies come along with a movie that proves all of them right. In the early 2000’s, Guzda started high school with an open mind.  He soon met up with other students who shared a similar sense of humour and boredom.  Welland, Ontario…