Igor Drljaca


Spice It Up

Spice It Up does something really special that I hope will translate to general audiences.  It rips on practically everything that has to do with making a movie, including those brave enough to take on such a task.  It even doubles down on its niche by teasing student filmmakers and the amateur qualities they have yet to grow out of.  Spice It Up isn’t mean, but it’s self-aware enough to shoot off some well-meaning friendly…


The Stone Speakers

One of the best things about moviegoing is watching a rising star come into their own element.  Up-and-coming actors are always praised for this, but we don’t shed enough light on indie filmmakers who finally find the right vehicle for them.


The Waiting Room

I remember interviewing filmmaker Igor Drljaca in 2012 when his feature film debut Krivina was a selection at TIFF.  Even though his slow-burning drama Krivina left me lukewarm, I walked away from our one-on-one with a movie goer’s gratification, knowing that Drljaca – with his confident opinions – was going to have an interesting career ahead of him.

Festival Coverage

TIFF 2014: A Special Place

By: Addison Wylie At TIFF ’12, a cold film named Krivina made its mark on the circuit.  Directed by Igor Drljaca and produced by Albert Shin, Krivina was a film with a strong, silent lead.  It tested my patience with meandering stretches, but halfheartedly won me back with a shocking twist I didn’t see coming. Smashcut to present day and the roles have switched with In Her Place – Shin is now the writer/director and…