By: Addison Wylie Housebound gives off the scent of a film written by multiple parties who want different things, even though the screenplay was solely written by director Gerard Johnstone. The film quickly develops an amusing dynamic between its two female leads.  Kylie (Played by Morgana O’Reilly) is a criminal forced to live under house arrest with her mother Miriam (played by Rima Te Wiata).  Mom would like to get along, but Kylie would rather…



By: Addison Wylie A film can tell you nothing for no good reason, having you frustrated until the final frame.  Sometimes, a movie can keep everything a secret and get away with it because of how intriguing it is.  Alex van Warmerdam’s haunting Borgman is a magnificent example of the latter. Borgman is a weird flick, but daring because of that.  The skillful filmmaker has set up his plan masterfully, and has the average movie…


The Conjuring

By: Addison Wylie My disappointment with The Conjuring isn’t caused by oodles of pre-release buzz, but because I know director James Wan can do so much better. Wan, who I consider a modern day master of horror, knows the genre well.  He’s able to build tension and isn’t afraid to milk a quiet situation for all that it’s worth.  He knows exactly how long to hold the viewers’ anticipation and how far to drag them…