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Toronto After Dark 2015: ‘Backtrack’ and ‘Patchwork’

Backtrack (DIR. Michael Petroni) By: Shahbaz Khayambashi Michael Petroni’s Backtrack contains a villain that does not often end up in horror films: guilt.  Adrien Brody portrays a psychiatrist, still seeing patients as he is being torn apart inside by the death of his young daughter.  It is at this juncture of his life where he realizes that he needs to come to terms with a traumatic accident that he witnessed, and inadvertently caused, as a child….


I, Frankenstein

By: Addison Wylie I, Frankenstein is almost popcorn entertainment.  Almost. It feels as if every time a movie comes out that fits this throwaway action mould, everybody hates it and I’m forgiving towards it.  My rule is: as long as there’s camp and you can hold my attention, these corn fests have a chance to squeak by. How about that schlocky movie Season of the Witch?  The majority of movie goers wanted to burn the…


Hotel Transylvania

By: Addison Wylie It’s unfortunate to report that Hotel Transylvania is a disappointment.  Even young children will pick up on how often this neat set-up is treated as a one-note joke. Hotel Transylvania has everything a kid could want from a timely Halloween release including oodles of monsters. Frankenstein (voiced by Kevin James), the Invisible Man (voiced by David Spade), a talking werewolf (voiced by Steve Buscemi), and a mummy (voiced by CeeLo Green) all…