Becoming a Queen

Becoming a Queen is a very straightforward documentary that zeroes in on one person, their career, and their primary achievement. The film follows this standard structure well enough, issuing the occasional bit of history along the way, but I wish director Chris Strikes followed a less conventional format to this vibrant subject matter.


A Week in Paradise

A Week in Paradise is not so much a movie as it is a template.  This is a paint-by-numbers rom-com, but nobody has bothered to colour anything in.  I would say the film relies on clichés, but that would suggest director Philippe Martinez (co-producer of My Dad’s Christmas Date) made an effort to find existing tropes to lift.  I have a hard enough time believing Martinez was even on set.


In The Blood

By: Addison Wylie In The Blood is what it is. It’s straight-down-the-middle B-movie schlock.  In this case, it’s easier to accept because of how many stunts made me giddily wince while I watched it.  But, director John Stockwell shows audiences that action movies may not be his “thing”. Former American Gladiator-turned-actress Gina Carano plays Ava, a newly married gal trying to find the whereabouts of her missing husband Derek (played by Cam Gigandet).  While on…