112 Weddings


112 Weddings

By: Addison Wylie Doug Block started shooting wedding videos because it was a good opportunity to earn some extra dough.  But as his filmography grew, so did his fascination with different couples and the dynamics he caught on camera. The question that’s been rattling around in his head is: what happens years after the wedding and the honeymoon?  Can these giddy newlyweds keep up their love once reality settles in and kids enter the picture?…

Festival Coverage

Wylie Writes at Hot Docs 2014

Out of all the festivals I’ve ever covered, the Hot Docs Film Festival is one of my favourites.  It’s a festival that always promises a deep array of different types of documentaries from a variety of different countries.  It’s very hard to find one doc that resembles another in Hot Docs. The press conference held at Toronto’s Bloor Hot Docs Theatre on March 18 certainly built the buzz well.  The audience had the pleasure of…