Zoe Saldana


Missing Link

By: Trevor Chartrand Animation studio Laika Entertainment has a reputation for dark and brooding content with releases like Corpse Bride (2005) or Coraline (2009), but this year’s Missing Link breaks their mold as a fun-for-most-ages adventure story.


Guardians of the Galaxy

By: Addison Wylie Guardians of the Galaxy plays as a gnarlier, more rugged version of The Avengers.  But, only will that thought hit you after the credits have rolled. You won’t be put off by it though; Guardians of the Galaxy is a boatload of fun nonetheless.  It’s only worth bringing up because when a generic formula is paired with this much originality, the combination can’t help but flare.  Then again, I sort of expected this…


Out of the Furnace

By: Addison Wylie Why is it that Out of the Furnace has so many accomplishments going for it, yet it’s an impossible recommendation?  Telling someone to watch Out of the Furnace would be like telling someone to hold a bunch of wild snakes and assuring them they won’t get bit. Scott Cooper’s thriller is one of those movies you appreciate a few hours after having watched it.  Viewing Out of the Furnace for the first…